Sections and films 2019

Official Selection In Competition

The Official Selection - In Competition gathers some of the best films produced or premiered during 2019.

Official Selection Out of Competition

One of the key aims of this section is to have an overview of the world film production.

Christian Petzold Tribute

Director, Germany, 1960

Alice Rohrwacher Tribute

Director, Italy, 1981

Willem Dafoe Tribute

Actor, USA, 1955

Rita Azevedo Gomes Tribute

Director, Portugal, 1952

Tribute José Miguel Ribeiro

Director, illustrator, teacher, Portugal, 1966

Damien Manivel Tribute

Director, France, 1981

Stephen Frears Tribute

Director, UK, 1941

Special Screenings

Meeting place of Cinema with other Arts

Educational Programme

Dedicated to the school community and senior audience

Thematic programme Looking for Homeland

Curated by Alexey Artamonov, Denis Ruzaev and Ines Branco Lopez

International Symposium: Resistances

Curated by Juan Branco (15-17 November)