Official Selection In Competition

One of the LEFFEST’s main focuses was always the discovery and unveiling of cinema’s great abundance, contemplating several different cinematographies in terms of geography and content.

The goal of this section – the Official Competition (whose number of spectators has grown exponentially every year) – is to discover high-quality films by young directors from all over the world, pairing them with other names whose works are already recognized. The Official Competition Section gathers some of the best films produced in 2024.

Official Selection Out of Competition

The main purpose of the Official Selection - Out of Competition is to offer the audience, with a broad perspective on international film production, the chance to watch the national premieres of some of the most anticipated films of the following season, as well as displaying the latest works by internationally acknowledged directors. The directors and/or actors will be present to introduce their films, answer questions and interact with the audience.

Tributes and Retrospectives

The LEFFEST devotes a part of its programming to discovering and promoting some of the great protagonists of the seventh art; people who, because of their contribution to Cinema, deserve and warrant a reflection on their work.

Thus, every year the LEFFEST brings to its audience, through the Tributes and Retrospectives section, the works of great filmmakers in the history of cinema, recalling the relevance of their work and creating a coherent tour through their films, by displaying them, by publishing catalogs about the authors and by programming meetings and debates.

Special Screenings

Lisboa Film Festival celebrates the Seventh Art, allying itself with other artistic expressions such as music or theater, and promoting masterclasses and debates between guests and the public.

Thematic Programmes

The LEFFEST has always devoted special attention, as it is one of our main goals, to promoting discussions and develop thoughts about art and the world, by organizing an international symposium, for which we invite several of the most important directors, writers, thinkers and artists, who, throughout three days, debate the topic at issue, thus contributing, with innovative ideas, to the understanding and development of contemporary thought and creation.

Educational Programme

The Educational Programme is a parallel section of the LEFFEST, dedicated to the school community and senior audience.

Besides its extensive schedule, open to the public in general, LEFFEST organizes special sessions reserved for alumni and teachers from preschool to elementary school and senior audiences.