Inspired by Mario Magalhães's book Marighella: o Guerrilheiro que Incendiou o Mundo, this film tells us the story of Carlos Marighella (Seu Jorge), a Brazilian guerrilla who led one of the largest resistance movements to the Brazilian military dictatorship, established in 1964 with a coup d’état. Born in 1911, the politician and writer was the successor of Latin American revolutionaries such as Zapata, Sandino and Che Guevara. The film follows Marighella's life from 1964 until his violent death in November 1969. As Moura stated to the press, "Stories like this one need to be told, we can't forget them".

  • Duration: 155
  • Production year: 2019
  • Country: Brazil
  • Subtitles: min, Subtitles: EN

Giuseppe Becce (International Independent Critics) Prize - Berlin Film Festival

Wagner Moura