Sections and films 2018

Official Selection In Competition

The Official Selection - In Competition gathers some of the best films produced or premiered during 2018.

Official Selection Out of Competition

One of the key aims of this section is to have an overview of the world film production.

Waiting for Mr. Lynch

A multidisciplinary program

João Botelho Tribute

Director, Screenwriter 1949, Portugal.

Retrospective Paul Schrader

Director and Screenwriter, 1946, U.S.A.

Darezhan Omirbayev Tribute

Director and Screenwriter, 1958, Kazakhstan

Walter Salles Tribute

Director, producer and screenwriter, 1956, Brazil

The desire Called Utopia

Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival dedicates part of its programming to the search of utopian impulses throughout the history of cinema.

Mike Leigh Retrospective

Director, producer and screenwriter, 1957, United Kingdom.

Mario Martone Tribute

Director and Screenwriter, 1958, Italy.

Neoliberalism - The seed of populism and new fascisms?

Reflection day

Special Screenings

A privileged location for the reunion between Cinema and other forms of art.

Education Programme

Project dedicated to the community.