LEFFEST's Education Programme is a project dedicated to the community, with special screenings for students and teachers from preschool to secondary education as well as families. Through this programme, the festival assumes its responsibility in the education of young audiences and aims to provide moments of enjoyment, reflection and discussion around cinema, stimulating the artistic taste and critical thinking of children and young people, encouraging active participation in their community.

From Magic, with Georges Méliès, father of the fantastic cinema and special effects, and the controversial and iconic “Central Station”, with Walter Salles, the program goes through the origins of cinema with Bray studios until… “The Other Side”. 

An appealing programme and a proposal from the Learning Service. Artistic mediation: Catarina Claro and Patrícia Carvalho.

Preschool to 4th Grade; 
5th Grade to 9th Grade; 
High School; 
Senior Audience;

Free entrance