Original title: Anquanto la Lhéngua fur Cantada

Anquanto la lhéngua fur cantada (“while the language is sang”), the people won’t die. Miranda’s plateau, unique in language, rich with people, geography and traditions that were originated in the beginning of times, has got a peculiar musical magnificence. Why not cross the plateau in the company of Catarina Wallenstein, “Madona”’s face, who sings like nobody, accompanied by Gabriel Gomes’ extraordinary accordion with a face of an angel, followed by the “Atenor” donkey with big red hair - perfect example of a mirandise donkey? Is there anything as heart touching as the polyphony of the Almas de Sendim’s singers?

  • Duration: 52
  • Production year: 2012
  • Country: Portugal

João Botelho