LEFFEST is organising a special programme of debates, films and concerts on Artificial Intelligence and artistic creation.

The festival will welcome visual artists, photographers, writers, thinkers and filmmakers to talk about the divide that currently exists in the artistic world over the use of Artificial Intelligence and the possibility of it becoming an alternative to human creation, at the cost of impoverishing human thought.

Artificial Intelligence is present in our daily lives, we can't ignore it, but it is also a place of fear and many ghosts, and its hegemonic presence can become dangerous. That's why it's necessary to distinguish between artistic creation and the intervention of artificial intelligence, especially since imperfection, unpredictability, spontaneity and a certain amount of madness, so characteristic of the human essence, are essential and irreplaceable in the artistic world.

In addition to a series of round tables and an opening talk with Laurie Anderson, there will be a selection of films followed by debates, and concerts by violinist and conductor Gidon Kremer and Japanese composer and pianist Keiichiro Shibuya, who will share the stage with a singing Android, built from Artificial Intelligence.