Frankenstein by James Whale, a precursor to the horror film genre, is the first cinematic adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic (1818), a pioneer in science fiction. A parable about human greed and selfishness, the film follows Henry Frankenstein, a brilliant and initially well-intentioned scientist who creates a monster from cadaver parts. Despite being born with a pure and kind heart, the creature is rejected by its creator due to its repulsive appearance. Despised by everyone, unable to find love, and condemned to a marginalized life for all eternity, the monster decides to seek vengeance against its creator, harassing him and his family. This vengeance escalates to catastrophic proportions, ruining Dr. Frankenstein's life and prompting us to question: who is the true monster, after all?

  • Duration: 70’
  • Production year: 1931
  • Country: US
  • Language: EN Subtitles: PT

James Whale