Cine-concert - Metropolis, a film by Fritz Lang. Rodrigo Amado (saxophone), Gabriel Ferrandini (drums) and Hernâni Faustino (contrabass) will play a live soundtrack. With subtitles in PT and DE.

November 14, 21h30
Tivoli BBVA Theater
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In a futuristic city divided between an exploited and disadvantaged working class and an elite of politicians and urban planners who enjoy an idyllic garden, a forbidden love story unfolds. The son of the chief planner falls in love with the prophet of the working class, who foresees the arrival of a saviour capable of ending social injustices. Directed in 1927, at the end of the silent film era, Metropolis is a visionary and remarkably modern essay, considered the inaugural milestone of science fiction films and a revolution in the world of cinema, thanks to the genius of Fritz Lang.