This cinematic classic is one of the most influential films of modern cinema and, with Douglas Trumbull’s special effects, it came to revolutionize the science-fiction genre at the close of the 1960’s. Inspired by Arthur C. Clark’s short story The Sentinel, the film follows a journey to Jupiter following the discovery of an alien monolith that appears to influence human evolution. A reflection on humanity’s destiny, on technological development and the possibility of artificial intelligence, the film was “for the millions of spectators who have, from 1968 to this day, proclaimed its triumph, primarily a completely innovative sensorial experience (not only visual) […] opening the surface of the screen into an absolute depth […] that returned to the spectator the ‘primal’ filmic pleasure of following the movement of things and objects” (Enrico Ghezzi, Stanley Kubrick, ed. Il Castoro).

  • Duration: 149’
  • Production year: 1968
  • Country: US, UK
  • Language: EN Subtitles: PT

Stanley Kubrick