Isabel Abreu is a portuguese actress, born in 1978, with an enormous CV in cinema, theater and television. She graduated in Theater in 1998 from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, having immediately started working on several projects. On television she participated in numerous successful series, and in cinema she participated in renowned films such as the short film Coro dos Amantes (2014) by Tiago Guedes, and the feature films Uma Vida à Espera (2016) by Sérgio Graciano, Mariphasa ( 2017) by Sandro Aguilar, Serpentario (2019) by Carlos Conceição, or Restos do Vento (2021) by Tiago Guedes. More recently, she appeared in Ubu (2023) by Paulo Abreu, and Dialogues After the End (2023) by Tiago Guedes, both presented in this edition of LEFFEST’23.

In theater, among numerous notable appearances, he appeared in the play Blackbird, by David Harrower, staged at the Teatro Nacional São João by Tiago Guedes in 2010, and in the enormous success of Tiago Rodrigues, Catarina and the beauty of killing fascists, on its national and international between 2020 and 2023, having worked with directors such as Marco Martins, Nuno M. Cardoso, Tonan Quito, Miguel Loureiro, Mathilde Monnier, among others, in a vast national and international career.

She has won numerous awards, including the CinEuphoria Award (2021) in the Best Actress category with Olga Drummond (2018), the Sophia Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2018, with Uma Vida à Espera, and the Golden Globe (2017) in the category Best Theater Actress with O Diário de Preces (2016), the Best Actress Award in Portuguese Cinema from Caminhos do Cinema Português (2015) with Coro dos Amantes, and the Best Actress Award from the Portuguese Society of Authors (2011) with Blackbird.