Original title: Diálogos Depois do Fim

An audacious and daring project, Dialogues After the End by Tiago Guedes is a film and a series based on Cesare Pavese's Dialogues After the End. There are a total of nineteen dialogues, at once eloquent and fragile, between humanised gods, demi-gods, heroes and other pagan figures, which question contemporary society through the imagery of Greek myths. It will premiere at LEFFEST in special screenings, accompanied by the director and the actors.

Dialogues After the End: Movie (100’)
Includes episodes: Os Cegos (with Maria do Céu Ribeiro and João Pedro Mamede), Espuma de Onda (with Isabel Abreu and Beatriz Maia), A Fera (with Adriano Luz and João Estima), O Inconsolável (with Rita Cabaço and Luís Araújo), A Ilha (with Joana Ribeiro and Miguel Borges) and As Musas (with Sofia Dias and João Pedro Vaz).

Dialogues After the End: Series

Session 1: Destino
A Nuvem
A dialogue between Ixion (Marco Mendonça) and the Cloud (Beatriz Brás).

A Vinha (20’)
A dialogue between Ariadne (Mariana Guarda) and Leucotea (Victoria Guerra).

A Quimera
A dialogue between Hippolochus (João Vicente), Sarpédon (Sílvio Vieira) and Bellerophon (António Durães).

Session 2: Sacrifício
O Lago
A dialogue between Diana (Sandra Faleiro) and Virbius (Vicente Gil).

O Hóspede
A dialogue between Lityerses (Ivo Alexandre) and Heracles (Nuno Lopes).

Os Fogos
A dialogue between a father (Matamba Joaquim) and a son (Rui Pedro Silva).

A Flor
A dialogue between Thanatos (Adriano Carvalho) and Eros (Júlia Valente).

Session 3: Noite
As Éguas
A dialogue between Chiron (Tonan Quito) and Hermes (Isabel Zuaa).

O Homem-Lobo
A dialogue between two huntresses (Iris Cayatte and Lara Mesquita).

Os Dois
A dialogue between Achilles (Romeu Costa) and Patroclus (Welket Bungué).

Session 4: Fim
O Dilúvio
Dialogue between a Satyr (Mário Coelho) and a Hamadryad (Rita Rocha Silva).

O Mistério
A dialogue between Dionysus (Albano Jerónimo) and Demeter (Maria João Pinho).

A Estrada
A dialogue between Oedipus (António Fonseca) and a beggar (Valdemar Santos).

  • Production year: 2023
  • Country: PT
  • Language: PT Subtitles: EN

Tiago Guedes