LEFFEST organises the first Portuguese exhibition of New York filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah.

11 to 20 November
  • Exhibitions

The exhibition "Street Opera" offers an immersive exploration into the artistic world of New York filmmaker and photographer Khalik Allah. His creative projects have been aptly described as "street operas," seamlessly blending elements of visceral realism, haunting beauty, and penetrating storytelling.

In his debut exhibition in Portugal, visitors will encounter a captivating array of photographs, including previously unreleased pieces from his renowned "125th & Lexington" series. These images are thoughtfully curated to take viewers on a compelling journey through Khalik's artistic vision. Additionally, the exhibition features video screenings, offering glimpses into his cinematic achievements.

Khalik's passion for photography was first ignited when he borrowed his father's camera to capture portraits of Wu-Tang Clan members. Since then, he has remained faithful to the art of manual analogue photography.

In November 2011, Khalik embarked on a unique photographic odyssey, chronicling the corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. Rather than relying on conventional street views, his work delves into the lives and stories of the often-overlooked and marginalized individuals who inhabit this corner. Khalik's nocturnal photography, illuminated solely by the soft glow of streetlights and nearby shop windows, casts a raw and unfiltered light on the faces and bodies of his subjects

Khalik's deeply personal work transcends typical street photography, offering viewers a daring, intimate portrait of a world that is both singular and profoundly rich in human experience.

Free admission.

Khalik Allah