On the centenary of Natália Correia's birth, LEFFEST presents a play by Ana Rocha de Sousa, written by Filipa Martins based on the poet’s archive.

10 and 11 November, 20:30
Centro Cultural da Malaposta
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A dialogue that arises from six years of study of Natália Correia's personal archive in an in-depth research by Filipa Martins, the writer's biographer. From her thousands of unpublished texts, personal letters and hundreds of press articles written over five decades, to the study of her complete body of work and the analysis of her speeches in parliamentary debates. The result is a conversation of contradictions and multiple expressions. Provocations from the poet, essayist and playwright who today touches, moves, expresses and impresses upon new generations.

On the centenary of her birth, her voice echoes on stage at the crossroads of artistic languages in a multidisciplinary production directed by Ana Rocha de Sousa and focusing on a wide range of themes, such as the role of women, representation, culture, Portugal, life and death. A show that embraces the evolution of the thought of one of the greatest thinkers of the European 20th century over the years, in an invitation to feel the present through Natália Correia's particular and prophetic positioning.