Pierre Léon is a film and theatre director, actor, translator, musician and critic.
Born in 1959 in Moscow, where his father was a correspondent of L'humanité, Léon spent a lot of his youth in Russia, not coming as a surprise the regular presence of Russia and elements of Russian culture in his films - OCTOBRE or L’ADOLESCENT, which is, as L'IDIOT, an adaptation of Dostoievski.
In Paris, he made himself a filmmaker (as well as a 'character', we've seen him in CINÉPHILES by Louis Skorecki), a film critic (Léon writes regularly for Trafic), an actor (in Jean-Claude Biette films, who he collaborates with regularly), and director, from classical fiction (Tchekhov, Dostoiévski) to the less orthodox, frequently in a "family" record, surrounding a constant core of friends and collaborators.

Pierre Léon will be present in LEFFEST, Thursday the 22nd, at 21:30, in Cinema Medeia Monumental, for a conversation upon the exhibition of his film Deux Dames Sérieuses; and Friday the 23rd, at 17:30 in Cinema Medeia Monumental, for a presentation of his film Deus Rémi, Deux.