Pedro Cabrita Reis was born in 1956 in Lisbon, the city where he lives and works. Today, he is one of the most well known Portuguese contemporary artists and one of the most important of his generation.

Of consolidated international renown, his work has become crucial for the understanding of sculpture from the mid-1980’s onwards. His complex work can be characterized as idiosyncratic, philosophical and poetical embracing a great variety of means: painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and installations composed of industrial materials and manufactured objects.

By using simple materials and subjecting them to constructive processes, Pedro Cabrita Reis recycles almost anonymous reminiscences of primordial gestures and actions repeated in everyday life. Centered in questions relative to space and memory, his works gain a suggestive power of association which reach a metaphorical dimension by going beyond the visual.

Pedro Cabrita Reis participated in important international exhibitions, such as Documenta IX in Kassel in 1992, the 21st and 24th São Paulo Biennials, 1994 and 1998 respectively, in the Aperto of the Venice Biennial in 1995. In 2003, he represented Portugal in the Venice Biennial and participated in the 20th Biennial in Lyon, in 2009.

His work has been selected for exhibitions in various museums and art centres across the world: London, Rome, Turin, Mexico, Germany, Brazil are a few examples.