Producer, Multimedia artist

Laurie Anderson (1947, USA) will present at the LEFFEST, in one of the first screenings worldwide, her new film Heart of a Dog, directed after the death of her partner Lou Reed, and shown this year in the Official Competition of the Venice Festival, in addition to the Toronto (TIFF) and San Sebastián festivals. Although the American artist was only discovered by the wider audience in the early 80s, when her single “O Superman” unexpectedly hit number 2 on the British charts, Laurie Anderson had already worked on ambitious multimedia projects, which included not only music, but also video, projections, dancing and writing. She is also a composer and instrumentalist, responsible for inventing several of the instruments she uses. In her relation with cinema, there is one important landmark in Laurie Anderson’s career: Home of the Brave, a film by Laurie Anderson (1986), a concert film shot during the Mister Heartbreak album tour, in which she also stars and directs. As a composer, she has contributed to the soundtracks of films by directors like Wim Wenders and Jonathan Demme.