Crime, vice and paranoia are hidden under the idyllic atmosphere of a rural community, in a film that subverts the “film noir” stereotypes.  Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) finds a human ear in a garden, and to find the correspondent body he asks Sandy (Laura Dern), a police man’s daughter, for help. The key for this mystery opens the doors to an universe where sadism, perversion, fetichism and violence are the watchwords. There they come across Dorothy Vallen (Isabella Rosselini), a singer in a nightclub, whose husband and son were kidnapped by Frank (Dennis Hopper), a man that threatens the abyss, and sexually harases Dorothy in exchange for her family’s safety. Through the light and through the shadow, Blue Velvet takes us on a initiatory journey into a sinister world, where innocence is being constantly threatened by darkness.

  • Duration: 120
  • Production year: 1987
  • Country: United States of America

David Lynch