Paris, a near future. Marc and Hans are two thieves who owe money to a cruel American woman who gives them two weeks to pay back. They plan to steal and sell an antidote to a new AIDS-like virus called STBO, which is killing those who "have sex without love", but they need someone with quick hands. They recruit Alex, nicknamed "fast tongue", a rebellious boy who is ending his relationship with Lisa, his girlfriend of 16 years. Just before the robbery, things get complicated...

“Would it be possible to talk about Mauvais Sang without citing Godard? No. […] Carax is one of the heirs of a little Godardian phrase that had great success: ‘Pas une image juste, juste une image.’” S.D.

  • Duration: 119’
  • Production year: 1986
  • Country: FR
  • Language: FR
  • Berlin Film Festival - Official Selection - Alfred Bauer Prize
  • Louis Deluc Award - Best French Film
  • Césars Awards - Nomination for Best Actress, Best Breakthrough Actress and Best Cinematography

Leos Carax