Original title: Onde Foi A Minha Sorte

Francisco, a 6 year old boy, plays a game of football at school, wearing his lucky trainers. After the game is over, the boy hides in a corner tending to the wounds on his feet. A girl asks him about what happened and he says he has to tend to his wounds by himself for fear of his mother throwing the trainers away. At home, his mother Lúcia plays dominoes with her boyfriend, whom her son does not know. Francisco finds traces of his mother’s game and confronts her. Later he falls asleep and his mother finds his wounds. The next day, Francisco discovers his mother has thrown his trainers away and she decides to present him to her boyfriend, who picks him up from school.

  • Duration: 10
  • Production year: 2016
  • Country: Portugal
  • Subtitles: 08''

Pedro Gonçalves