King Sebastian will return, the legend says, on a misty morning, riding his white horse. If it turns out not to be a white horse, then it will surely be, say, a purple twingo. O Encoberto is a road movie in which a group of four cinephile friends rides towards the interpretation of Pessoa’s Message and try to change something within them, dissipating the myth that nothing changes and showing us that to create one need only exist. It is the demystifying of the legend: we only depend on ourselves to be who we are, to be who we want to be, travelling physically but profoundly within ourselves. A platonic romance in which Portugal searches for its true identity which, much like the plea for a change in attitude by Fernando Pessoa 80 years ago, is now the will to shed the apathy that holds us back and to push ourselves to do something on a grander scale, to be bigger and better.

  • Duration: 21
  • Production year: 2016
  • Country: Portugal
  • Subtitles: 16''

Tomás B. Cunha