Born in Argentina in 1981, Francisco Márquez studied at the ENERC, the National School of Film Experimentation and Production, a public institution that belongs to the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts. He directed several short films such as Imágenes Para Antes de la Guerra (2013), a film which was screened at several international film festivals and which won several awards. His first feature film, a documentary about the Sarmiento School, Después de Sarmiento, shows the unadulterated day-to-day life of its students and professors, highlighting the state of education in the most marginalized sectors of Argentina.

Andrea Testa was born in Buenos Aires in 1987. He studied, along with Francisco Márquez, at ENERC, the school that effectively originated their partnership. He has directed several short films and has worked as assistant director in Márquez’ films Imágenes Para Antes de la Guerra and Después de Sarmiento. In 2015 he directs Pibe Chorro, a documentary essay that delves into social perspectives on crime and violence, especially in relation to children whose basic rights have been restrained from their birth and who are generally seen as future delinquents by society.