Peter Pál Pelbart, born in 1956, is a Hungarian philosopher, essayist, professor and translator, living in Brazil. He graduated in Philosophy from Sorbonne, he has master’s degree from the São Paulo Catholic University (with Da Clausura do Fora ao Fora da Clausura: loucura e desrazão), and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo (with O tempo não-reconciliado: imagens do tempo em Deleuze). He is a professor in the Philosophy department and the Subjectivity Studies Center, in the Clinical Psychology post-graduation at the São Paulo Catholic University. He works on Contemporary Philosophy, specifically on the following topics: Deleuze, Foucault, time, insanity, subjectivity and biopolitics. He coordinates the Ueinzz Theater Company, comprised of psychiatric patients from the day hospital A Casa, mental health service users, therapists, actors, performers, playwrights and phiolosophers.