Writer and director Martín Rejtman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1961. After studying cinema at the Escuela Panamericana de Arte, in his hometown, he enrolled at the New York University in 1981, to study directing, where he had to deliver a short film per week and was strongly influenced by the Anglophone cinema and European art-house cinema. In the late 80s, Rejtman began his directing career and his writing career simultaneously. By 1996, he had published three short stories books, one of which included a draft for Rapado, his first feature film (1992). Before that, he had directed a short film, in 1986, and started a feature that was never finished because the producer abandoned the project. With long hiatuses between features – Silvia Prieto (1999), Los Guantes Mágicos (2003), Dos Disparos (2014) – with a documentary and a TV movie in between, Rejtman has been to international film festivals.