Actor, Director and Producer

John Malkovich could have been a biologist if the theater hadn't crossed his path. Born in the United States in 1953, the son of Croatian parents, who were known journalists, he is a theatre and film actor, and also a director. He made films such as Dangerous Connections, Johnny English, Casanova, and the independent film, Being John Malkovich, among others.

His father, Daniel Malkovich, wrote articles on environmental problems and his mother was editor of the magazine where they worked. Since Malkovich adored animals since he was a child and was interested in the impact of human beings on animal life, he seemed destined to follow Biology, which took him to the School of Ecology in Illinois. But it was the stage that eventually imposed his will, after his first artistic experience, a theatre group in college, and later, along with some colleagues, created the Steppenwolf Theatre Company. His first professional debut was with the play Curse of the Starving Class.

Although Malkovich remained linked to other artistic spheres, the theater was always his main stage. In 1984, he met Dustin Hoffman and the two took to Broadway the play Death of a Salesman. Soon, he began to make successful films, some leading to the nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor - an award he never won.

In addition to his training in Biology and his professional experience in the theater, Malkovich also completed the musical studies of tuba.

He has won several national and international awards as a director and actor, both in theater and film. He is also a fashion designer, one of his passions, and created an clothing brand, Technobohemian.