Psychoanalyst and PhD in Sociology, Françoise Davoine also possesses an “agrégé” in classical languages, a bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Ottawa and a master’s degree in Musicology from the University of Montreal. She has been a radio entertainer for Radio-Canada for over 25 years. She performs her psychoanalysis practice in Paris, at a private clinic, after nearly thirty years in a public psychiatric hospital environment, and respective external consultation. She is currently a professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, where she hosts, along with Jean-Max Gaudillière, a weekly seminar on the relationship between insanity and the social link. She was a member of the École Freudienne de Paris, an institute that was created by Jacques Lacan. She wrote La Folie Wittgenstein (1992) and two reference works on the practice and therapy for psychoses: Mère Folle (1998) and Don Quichotte pour combattre la mélancolie (2008). With Jean-Max Gudillière, she published Histoire et trauma: la folie des guerres (2006).