Bulle Ogier (born in 1939) is a face, a body, a voice and a crucial name of the great European cinema. She was paid tribute this year at the Locarno Festival, which awarded her a fully deserved Golden Leopard for her career as a whole. It was with Jacques Rivette in L’Amour Fou (1969) that Ogier asserted herself as a unique actress, with invaluable talents and resources, who would seduce generations of audiences with her presence in films by such directors as Alain Tanner (The Salamander, 1971, which will be screened in this edition of the LEFFEST). Barbet Schroeder (The Valley, 1972, Maîtresse, 1975, and Tricheurs, 1984, which can also be seen again at the LEFFEST).  Luis Buñuel (she was the fabulous Florence in The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, 1972), Daniel Schmidt, Raoul Ruiz and Claude Chabrol. Bulle Ogier will be present at the 2015 edition of the Festival to discuss with the audience the films she made with Tanner and Schroeder.