Born in 1944 in Saint-Calais, Bernard Eisenschitz is a cinema historian, programmer and translator, a film restorer, an author with published works, a director and occasionally an actor (in films by Jean Eustache, Otar Iosseliani, Wim Wenders and Amos Gitaï). He has directed three short films, Pick up (1968), Printemps 58 (1974) and Les Messages de Fritz Lang (2001), a filmmaker he wrote several books about, particularly Fritz Lang au travail (2011). He also wrote about German and Soviet cinema, about Nicholas Ray’s work – Roman américain, les vies de Nicholas Ray (1990) – and about Ernst Lubitsch, Chris Marker and Robert Kramer. In 2011, he founded and headed the Cinéma magazine (13 issues). That same year, he finished restoring, definitively, Jean Vigo’s L’Atalante and he directed a documentary about the several restorations on that film, Les Voyages de L'Atalante. In 2003, he participated in the 10-film collection, Chaplin Today, directing Chaplin Today : Monsieur Verdoux.