With a career spanning over thirty years, one of the most prolific filmmakers in French cinema, Benoît Jacquot (1947, France)’s work is an eclectic one. He was Marguerite Duras’s assistant director in the filming of Nathalie Granger and India Song. During the 70s, he produced several documentaries for television on psychoanalysis (Jacques Locan: la psychoanalyse ½). A lover of literature, he adapted novels, but theater plays and operas as well. He has worked based on texts by Dostoyevsky, Kafka, Blanchot, James, Mishima, Marivaux, Corneille, André Gide, Serge Bramly, Puccini, Salinger, Benjamin Constant, Elisabeth Fanger, Pascal Quignard, Chantal Thomas and more recently Octave Mirbeau. His films have competed in the most important film festivals: Cannes, Venice, Berlin. He won the Louis-Dellac Prize (for Best Film) for his feature, Farewell, My Queen (2012). He is about to shoot an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s The Body Artist, starring Mathieu Amalric and Jeanne Balibar.