Ana Godinho is a researcher at the Langauge Philosophy Institute of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the New University of Lisbon, where she obtained her master’s degree (with Caos, Naturezo e Génio na Crítica da Faculdade de Kant, 1995) and PhD (with Ontologia e Estética em Gilles Deleuze. O estilo na obra deleuziana, 2005). She was a assistant guest lecturer in several Masters.  She has published several essays in the field of aesthetic, including Linhas do Estilo – Estética e Ontologia em Gilles Deleuze (2007) and O Humor e a Lógica dos Objectos de Duchamp (co-written with José Gil, 2011). She has also published several articles, particularly Eterno Retorno e Jogo Ideal (2008) and Como desfazer para si próprio o seu rosto? (2010). Her main areas of interest and research are aesthetics, literature, criticism/medical practice and time and space in contemporary and modern art.