In the XVIII century, an Italian theatre company arrives in Peru. Three men from different social statuses fall in love with Camilla, the group’s star. Unsure, Camilla ponders on the question of her own identity, claiming her simple yet desperate need to understand. This is the “extreme (and unique) moment of Renoir’s cinema” as “there will never be a moment like that again, just like there will never be an actress like Magnani in any of Renoir’s films again” (Jorge Silva Melo in O Século Passado, Ed Cotovia). Accompanied by Antonio Vivaldi’s music and moved by Anna Magnani’s unparalleled vitality, Le Carrosse d’or is a ravishing tribute to commedia dell’arte and to the art of theater, which poses the question: “Where does life start, where does theatre end and what is our place in the world as actors and spectators?“

  • Duration: 103
  • Production year: 1952
  • Country: France, Italy
  • Subtitles: Subtitles: Portuguese