This experimental and visually stunning piece unfolds as a series of hunts in the wilderness of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. Sharpshooter Diana and her attendants travel in pursuit of the mountain’s wolf. An engraver, a scientist and a hoop dancer take part in the story too. Through a mythological narrative, the characters pursue each other and their prey through dance. Movement replaces language and the line between protector and predator blurs. As a game of instinct that uses nature and the wild as its playground, Redoubt loosely adapts the classical myth of Diana, goddess of the hunt and of nature, and Actaeon, the trespassing hunter, into a complex portrait of the American landscape that questions humanity’s place in the natural world.

  • Duration: 134
  • Production year: 2019
  • Country: United States of America
  • Subtitles: 4K Copy, 7.1 Sound, No dialogues

Matthew Barney