Peixe-Lua depicts the life of a Portuguese-Spanish family linked to bullfighting. On a journey without borders, we are taken to several regions in southern Portugal and Spain. The main theme is the end of youth and coming of age. Maria João (Beatriz Batarda) lives with her father, Dr. João José (Luís Miguel Cintra), and her old uncle Nini (Francisco Rabal) in a large rustic property. Her mother passed away five years ago and her two brothers no longer live on the family estate. The older one, Afonso (Afonso Melo) got married, the other, Zé Maria (Ricardo Aibéo) had a falling out with his father and moved to Córdoba. Maria João misses the days when she and her brothers played with Gabriel (Marcello Urgeche), their father’s poor godson. She doesn’t know if she wants to get married and, as always, she asks Gabriel for help…

  • Duration: 130
  • Production year: 2000
  • Country: Spain, France, Portugal