Pedra Sozinha Não Sustém Panela is one of the short films that make up the series "Presente Angolano: tempo mumuíla", filmed by Ruy Duarte Carvalho in 1979. A portrait of the Mumuíla people in southern Angola, the series is also an attempt to establish their present and a reflection on the fragile balance between humans and their environment, progress and culture. In this film, we follow a confrontation between two visions of the world: that of the elders of Jau and that of the students of the Faculty of Arts in Lubango, in what is considered to be Ruy Duarte Carvalho's most ethnographic cinema.

  • Duration: 35'
  • Production year: 1979
  • Country: AO
  • Subtitles: No subtitles

Ruy Duarte Carvalho