The trilogy Pathos Ethos Logos by Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel, which saw its worldwide premiere in Locarno, takes place at three different time frames (2017, 2028 and 2037). Three women from different generations and backgrounds intersect; their attempts to fully exist evoke fragments of stories, bringing real-life experiences and events to the heart of each character. Commenting the film, Luís Miguel Cintra said: “It is ten hours of cinema which I navigate as if it were my very soul, but which leave me inhibited: what is this?”

  • Duration: 644
  • Production year: 2021
  • Country: Portugal
  • Subtitles: (presented in three sessions) Subtitles: EN

Locarno Film Festival – Official Selection

Joaquim Pinto e Nuno Leonel