“Do you still remember how we used to train our thoughts? Most of the time we started with a dream… We wondered how in total darkness could colours of such intensity arise in us. In a soft, weak voice, saying great things. Important, astonishing, profound and just things. Image and word. It's like a bad dream written on a stormy night. Before the eyes of the West, lost paradises. War is here…”

In his last film, Jean-Luc Godard elevates montage to a major art form. Extracts from films, photographs, paintings and drawings: the sequences follow one another at a frenetic pace. An avalanche of images that evokes the violence pouring out of our contemporary screens.

  • Duration: 88’
  • Production year: 2018
  • Country: CH, FR
  • Language: FR, EN, AR, DE, IT Subtitles: PT
  • Cannes Film Festival – Special Palme d'Or

Jean-Luc Godard