Original title: Manuel Vilariño. Ser Luz

A documentary about Galician photographer and poet Manuel Vilariño, based on texts by philosopher Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego. An essay that proposes the existence of “subtle relationships between the work of the photographer and the work of a blacksmith, a lighthouse keeper, an astronomer or a film projectionist”.

“The definition one can give of the use of imagery in this photographer’s poetics is a profoundly magmatic definition: something that is born out of destruction. In fact, it would coincide with the definition of light itself. [...] The image, then, as well as being something that appears, is also something that induces a bereavement of sorts. Something that kills us like the depthless eyes of a beast. Its call generates a small-scale apocalypse in the observer, because “that look - the so-called ‘look of the beast’ - makes me see the profound limits of what is human: the inhuman, or the limits of mankind.”

  • Duration: 70
  • Production year: 2016
  • Country: Spain