“The paths of four groups cross in a big parisian hotel. “There are the Chenals, a couple in crisis (Nathalie Baye e Claude Brasseur). He is a pilot, always departing or arriving. There are the boxers, the businessman James Fox Warner (“Warner from the father’s side, Fox from the mother’s side”) who is Johnny Hallyday, his boxer called Tiger Jones along with his fiancée Grace Kelly, on whose naked breasts, used as a double end bag, he practises gently. There are the detectives Laurent Terzieff, who is called Prospero and reads The Tempest and Jean-Pierre Léaud, in great shape, that slips into the rooms and the frames wearing improbable disguises and making blatantly furtive gestures. And lastly there is the real family, the mobsters, dominated by a solemn and princely Alain Cuny.” (Alberto Farassino)

  • Duration: 95
  • Production year: 1985
  • Country: France

Jean-Luc Godard