Confined to decades of oblivion after the original film was damaged in a fire, Jacques Rivette's L'Amour fou – one of the most remarkable films in the history of French cinema – is finally presented after a meticulous digital restoration under the expert supervision of director of photography Caroline Champetier. The film follows the tormented relationship between a theatre director (Jean-Pierre Kalfon) and his wife and actress (Bulle Ogier) in a formidable mise en abyme in which life and fiction, theatre and cinema intertwine, marking a turning point in the filmmaker's work in which shooting becomes the central element of filmmaking – as opposed to editing or screenwriting. In an interview about L'Amour fou with Cahiers du cinéma, Rivette declared: "In cinema, what’s important is the moment when there is no longer an author of the film, there are no longer actors, there is no longer even a story, there is no subject, nothing but what the film says."

  • Duration: 254’
  • Production year: 1969
  • Country: FR
  • Language: FR Subtitles: PT

Jacques Rivette