Irma Vep reveals to us the uncertain ground that lies at the border of fiction and reality, art and life. It is the adaptation, into a minisseries, of the classic homonym film, from 1996. The series will be exhibited at the LEFFEST22’, followed by a conversion with director Olivier Assayas and actress Alicia Vikander. 

Mira (Alicia Vikander) is an American movie star disillusioned by her career and a recent breakup, who comes to France to star as Irma Vep in a remake of the French silent classic film, Les Vampires. As the production of the film evolves, Mira’s distinction between herself and the character she plays begin to blur and merge.

The series, shown in two sessions, will be presented by director Olivier Assayas and actress Alicia Vikander.

With the support of HBO Max.

  • Duration: 406
  • Production year: 2022
  • Country: United States of America, France
  • Subtitles: (total length of the series: 8 episodes) EN, FR, Subtitles: PT, EN

Cannes Film Festival 2022 - Nominated for the Palme Queer

Olivier Assayas