Depois de Juventude em Marcha (2006), Pedro Costa volta a apresentar Ventura como protagonista desta viagem pelos caminhos obscuros da memória, numa experiência cinematográfica singular. Ventura tem After Colossal Youth (2006), Pedro Costa once again presents Ventura as the protagonist of this journey down the dark paths of memory, in a unique cinematic experience. Ventura has Parkinson's and his memory isn't quite what it used to be. He often gets lost, wandering through his own memories, haunted by his past. Only Costa's cinema seems to be able to represent this world: using his characteristic long, static shots, the filmmaker follows Ventura through a seemingly endless night, immersed in a sinister chiaroscuro, in which encounters with friends, strangers and ghosts are registered. However, as Jonathan Rosenbaum writes for Artforum, “Even for a filmmaker as radically transgressive as Costa, Horse Money represents a sharp departure from the long takes of [his former films] in its privileging of traumatic memory and consciousness and all the narrative fragmentation this entails over any sustained continuity of space or chronology”.

  • Duration: 103’
  • Production year: 2014
  • Country: PT
  • Language: PT
  • Locarno Film Festival 2014 – Best Director Award

Pedro Costa